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Joseph J. Pandolfo

Success thru experience, Hands on Knowledge over Hearsay

Over 25 Years of Experience
Accepting cases based on Operation failure, Equipment failure, Track Design Failure, cases dealing with Amusement Park / Ride Training or lack of, Code Compliance, Accident Reconstruction and Safety Failures.

About Me

Twenty-Five years of experience in the amusement ride and safety industry, with a stellar record of operating a safe park and a winning court record. I can be the one witness that wins the case. My teaching background and being a trained public speaker as well as having the hands on knowledge of the amusement trade, affords me the ability to inform and instruct a jury or the bench, how and why an accident happened. I hold the highest level of training in both the Inspection and Ride Operations from an international Training Group. I have extensive knowledge of the industry standards and licensing regulations needed to operate in a safe and approved manner. I am very comfortable in the courtroom, due to my past experiences. In fact it is where I love to be. I am an active instructor in the safety industry and have up to date knowledge of the laws that govern the amusement industry. My public speaking training allows me the ability to develop a rapport with the jury, allowing them to become part of the true “behind the scene operations “of the amusement industry. My construction background allows me to look at the physical location and determine if it is a safe operation or an accident waiting to happen.

Count On Me

  • Knowledge of industry Standards and Regulations
  • Winning court room experience.
  • Technical and Hands on knowledge of the industry
  • The ability to prove or disprove their safety and quality control training
  • The ability to prove or disprove their correct or incorrect training and operations procedures
  • Proven track record of trials, depositions and hearing


Level 2 Pennsylvania Amusement Ride & Safety Inspector

National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) Level 2 NAARSO Operations Certification, #cno­243
Level 3 NAARSO Inspector/Safety Certification, #cn­1517
NAARSO Out­Reach Instructor, Train­the­Trainer Instructor

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) ­
ASTM F­24 Committee on Amusement Rides and Devices

OSHA Safety member (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

What Sets Me Apart

As a fully trained and certified Licensed Amusement Ride Inspector and Operations Certified Operator I have firsthand experience in the industry. As an active teacher of both construction and park operations, I am in the mainstream of the everyday level of people both operating and using rides. As an operator of a Go-Kart Facility. I deal day in and day out with what is the changing face of the industry. It is this ongoing insight that puts me in the best place to tell the true story of what really happened and why. Was it the user or operator’s fault? As a teacher I have the knowledge, to present the information so that anyone can understand why it happened. Be it the bench or the jury, I will teach them what they need to know to find the truth. I have been to court, and have been deposed many times and am on the top of the playing field. With my many years of Public Speaking, I am always at home in front of the microphone. My many accomplishments in the industry are proof of the important role I play in the amusement world.


• NAARSO Jimmy Floyd Service Award 2009
• NAARSO President’s Service Award 2011
• NAARSO Man of the Year 2015
• Conducted safety training for Rides and Amusements to and for NY,NJ,TX,FL,MA,LA,PA,VA,OH,CA,GA,TN,SC,NC,VA.WV,CO HI, IN,AZ,IL,OR,NV,MO,AL,AR,KS,MD, OK,CT,RI,WI,MN,KY,ID,NE,WA,NH.
I also teach international to, Ontario, Canada, PEI, Mb, Canada, U.A.E.,
Turkey, P.R., United Kingdom, Philippines, Germany.
• Conducted training sessions at the NAARSO annual safety forum 13 years.
• Conducted training sessions for the NAARSO outreach program 16 years.
• Conducted training sessions for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
• Conducted training sessions for the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.
• Conducted training sessions for the Georgia Department of Public Safety.
• Conducted training sessions for the New Jersey Department of Public Safety.
• Conducted training sessions for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.
• I am the senior Train the Trainer for NAARSO. My in school training hours are well over 150 hours per year.

Someone You can Relate to!

Being an owner operator, and a trained safety instructor. I can bring to the court insight and fact-based proof of why and how. Most Expert witnesses are just persons use second-hand knowledge or book based opinions. Tells of thing they think might be a norm. My day to day working in the field has given me 25 plus years of what really is. Something the court can believe in. I am the person that can carry myself as not just another person with a story, but the person that has lived through it. Which is not so easy to find in this industry.